Important Aspects If You Want to Build a House

Important Aspects If You Want to Build a House_Feature Image

Building a true home is not an easy matter. Because, in addition to standing strong, the house must also be able to provide a positive emotional effect for its inhabitants. A residence is recommended to be made by a professional design company. That is because they have relevant knowledge of regulations from various governments. If you want to build a house, you need a trusted Home Builder.

If the rules are not obeyed, the government will not give building permits to homeowners. Typically, a building permit granted by the government is quite selective. Crucial considerations will be made starting from the legality of land status, spatial concept, comparison of building basic coefficients and building area coefficients, to plans for other supporting facilities will be fully monitored by the local government. So it is right if you want to build a house that needs special consideration. The consideration must cover at least the following four important aspects:

– Roof height

Each region has different rules. But basically the determination of the height of the roof is considered important to support architectural harmony.

– Sewer system

The second aspect is to consider sewer systems, especially waste. A good contractor will build a sewage system before the house construction begins. Previously, the contractor would carry out a thorough investigation of the construction site to ensure that construction would not affect the nearby sewage.

In the new modern housing, drainage is designed closed. That is, the gutter as a drainage channel is no longer open but closed by cement. Only a small hole protruded into the water as a conduit to the sewers. The advantage, in addition to not causing unpleasant odors, is also to support environmental comfort and safety.

– Environmental governance

The exterior area of the house such as a garden or balcony turns out to need a good sewer system so that maintenance is easier. Homeowners can calculate and add the need for waterproof electrical cables. Not only cables, pipes as excess water drainage is also important to be installed. Besides looking neat, the important goal is to avoid the problem of flooding.

– Security system

Last is the security system. Security systems can be viewed from electrical installations and environmental safety systems. Electrical installations such as electrical cables embedded in walls and ceilings must be completed before painting is finished or furniture is inserted. As for the environmental security system, occupancy should be equipped with 24-hour security by security personnel. In addition, in the current technological era, CCTV installation is considered effective enough to monitor environmental safety.

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